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History was born on the 19'th June 2002 with the goal of making Classic Kids Tv information and media available to all, and to jog people's memories of all the excellent Kids Tv from days gone by.

After the site proved successful it was moved to a permanent home in November 2002 and new features followed. In early 2004 a redesign was begun and the new site was launched in April 2004.

A further two redesigns were completed in February and June 2005 with the added introduction of a professional Phpbb forum in February 2005, along with a PHP template system to cut down on coding for new pages. In late 2006 the site was moved across to MediaWiki with the aim of making more information accessible and to allow users to add their own content quickly and easily.

Visitor numbers are increasing and today the site is expanding with around 50,000 visits a month. Since its original launch, it has had over One Million visitors.

The site is still run primarily by it's original creator Jonathan Davis who maintains the server, the applications and databases, along with the pages and the controls administration of the forum, along with help from the volunteer ClassicKidsTv team who moderate on the forum and create and edit content for the site itself. The files, applications and database are hosted on a Ubuntu 8.04 server provided by The site currently serves around 20+ Gigabytes of data and around 200,000 pages a month.


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