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C.O.P.S. Logo

Fighting Crime, In A Future Time...

C.O.P.S. (Central Organisation of Police Specialists) was formed in Empire City by Mayor Davis, under the leadership of Special Agent Baldwin P. Vess (codenamed "Bulletproof"), to combat the criminal organisation lead by Brandon "Big Boss" Babel.

Agent Vess was called in to investigate Big Boss, but in an early encounter with his hencemen, he was seriously injured and had to have a bionic body created to keep him alive. The bionic bodysuit made him bullet proof, so he took on the codename "Bulletproof".

Whilst Vess was in hospital the C.O.P.S. team were assembled from all over the USA, picking the best officers on the force for their own special abilities.

The cartoon was produced by DiC Entertainment and ran for 66 episodes in 1988 and 1989. Each episode was presented in the form of a case to be solved, starting of with a case file and an outline of the case so far (each episode title started with "The Case Of...") and closing with a conclusion and the phrase "Case Closed".


  • The Officials
    • Mayor Davis
    • Judge Davis
    • Commissioner Highwaters

Cast & Credits

Written by: Michael Charles Hill
Additional Writting by: Michael A. Medlock and Michael Edens
Art Direction by: Alex Stevens
Directed by: Kevin Altieri
Produced by: Richard Raynis and Andy Heyward

Theme Tune

Music by Shuki Levi and Haim Saban, sung by Nick Carr.



C.O.P.S. - The Animated Series (Region 1)
(22 episodes)
COPS The Animated Series R1.jpg


C.O.P.S. - Fighting Crime In A Future Time (Region 1)
COPS Fighting Crime In A Future Time R1.jpg



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